There were quite a few things I fell in love with at this wedding!  First of all Euroa Butter Factory is one of the most beautiful old rustic buildings I have had the luck to work in,  perfect for a country wedding!  The current buildings date back to 1901, and at it’s peak was the one of the biggest employers in the area. At the time it produced what was seen as one of the worlds best quality butters. Saved from demolition after many years of disrepair, it has been restored and renovated into an amazing venue, and the food there is devine!   The architecture with its deep brick walls, cavernous spaces, and amazing accommodation, has been tastefully styled by owners Bec and Russell. Beyond the building themselves are gorgeous country gardens, with plenty of places for wedding photography on the grounds alone. Check out more at their website:

 Euroa Butter Factory

or my Euroa Butter factory folio here:

 Kym Griffiths Photography – Euroa Butter Factory Weddings

Secondly, Kate and Jordan were simply a gorgeous couple. Kate’s enthusiasm and energy was contagious, and she was full of great ideas for some rustic and vintage wedding photography around the area. Being a local herself, a lot of the locations she had chosen for her wedding photos, reflected childhood memories or moments shared in her relationship with Jordan. A stop at one of the old pubs in town The North East Hotel, as well as trip out into the amazing nearby countryside in Creightons Creek. Although all of them were meaningful, the photos themselves were full of fun and vibrance, that showed off both their personalities to a tee!

I love this venue so much, I am now putting together some special pricing just for Euroa Butter Factory weddings. So if you are interested in me being your wedding photographer, and you are thinking of getting married at this amazing location, please make sure you mention that you have booked Euroa Butter Factory when enquiring 🙂



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K&J-3780 euro_butter_factory wedding photography euroa_butter_wedding vintage country wedding photography K&J-4111 First_Kiss_Euroa_wedding



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