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When I first heard about the terrible situation surrounding a certain Melbourne wedding photography business going bankrupt, I was truly heartbroken for the couples in question.  I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have little or no photographs of such an important day.

As part of the Refocus Retreat Conference, I had been tasked with running a wedding workshop for attendees, alongside friend and fellow wedding photographer, Beth Fernley, and needed to find a couple as models for our workshop.

I decided to reach out to the brides and grooms affected  – If I could help one of these unfortunate couples to receive a few nice photos, after having such a bad experience previously, and also get a real example of a bride and groom for my workshop, rather than a model couple pretending, then it could only be a win for all involved.

I very quickly receive 3 -4 enquiries from some understandably upset brides, and after some discussion I ended up with 3 couples ( instead of one!) for the Refocus Retreat wedding workshop.

Ankie & Stephen,  Jodie & Luke and Megan & Scott, all travelled hours to our location in Marysville ( El Kanah ), and in the lead up discussion with all three couples, I found out they not only didn’t receive useable photos, but the people sent to their weddings were not even professional wedding photographers. One had been sent a car mechanic, another a graphic designer.  I was horrified that they had been treated that way, and hoped even though we couldn’t give them back their wedding day, that I could at least give them a good experience and some images they’re  would be happy to share and put on their wall.

We quickly organised wonderful makeup & hair expertly put together  Kira Marie  and Emma Duff (Thankyou!), so all our brides got to have the full experience of getting ready all over again.  

We were then lucky enough to get permission to use the Marysville Golf Club (Teracotta Room Cafe) as our location and although Beth & I had only an hour or so to capture some lovely images of the three couples and teach a class, I am so happy with the results!     Thank you so much for all that helped make this a great shoot, in the freezing cold, in the very gorgeous Marysville Victoria.

“I just wanted to say thank you again for yesterday. I can’t stop talking about how amazing it really was. I am so greatful to be able to have that experience and see what its really meant to be like to have it done properly. I honestly cant thank you and Beth enough”  

Megan & Scott

Thank you again for yesterday to you and all the girls. You all gave Luke and I an amazing experience that will live with us for life and for that we can’t thank you enough”  

Jodie& Luke

“We really can’t thank you enough. Yesterday was a whole other level of professionalism. You two (and the rest) were amazing to work with. And made us both feel so comfortable. Your truly talented”  Ankie & Stephen 






















Thanks my wonderful friends at Stick & Twig ( ), and some fantastic support from Nikon, I have my very first little promotional video. I had a lot fun doing this, although it was weird to have the cameras turned on me for a change!  Anyhow I hope you enjoy 😀

Thankyou Corinne Ryan, Luke Swindells, Simon Ryan & Talia Cameron, for all your hard work! xx


4min PROMO Kym Griffith Photography v7 – FINAL from Kym Griffiths Photography on Vimeo.