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Thanks my wonderful friends at Stick & Twig ( ), and some fantastic support from Nikon, I have my very first little promotional video. I had a lot fun doing this, although it was weird to have the cameras turned on me for a change!  Anyhow I hope you enjoy 😀

Thankyou Corinne Ryan, Luke Swindells, Simon Ryan & Talia Cameron, for all your hard work! xx


4min PROMO Kym Griffith Photography v7 – FINAL from Kym Griffiths Photography on Vimeo.

I am really really enjoying capturing all the little newborn babies in snuggly little positions lately.  Little Sia is only 7 days old in these pics, and such a snuggly squishy little cutie! Whilst I was busily squishy little Sia into cute curled up position,  her lovely parents were sneakily taking photos of me at work! So you can see in some of the photos how I set up a room in your home as a mini studio to capture cute shots like the ones below.

Enjoy! 😀



Before …. 😀

Kym-Griffiths-newborn_photography-02 Kym-Griffiths-newborn_photography-01


And After…….    Some of little Sia – the end result after processing and editing!


Melbourne-newborn-portraits_0077 Kym-Griffiths-newborn_photography-03 Melbourne-newborn-photography_0079