I’m not going to promise I am a technical wiz nor details driven. I am firmly a right brained ( even though that whole theory has been debunked),  wing-it, don’t read the manual, learn as I go kind of girl, which is why I love a good TTL based radio trigger flash system. I currently use Phottix Odin TTL triggers and receivers, but I am seriously crushing on the new Nikon lighting system (will need to save up for the D5 first!)

Anyhow – what I am trying to say is this isn’t an instructable by any stretch.   I’ve just been truly in love with how creative you can get with an off camera flash system.  Rainy days are suddenly desired, when you can catch the rain drops in a halo around the wedding couple, simply with a well positioned flash, and a little bit of self taught know how.

Anyhow – I’ll let the images do the talking!  I have ben preparing this folio for a workshop I am running in a few weeks 🙂 Enjoy


Oct 15, 2016

With thanks to Makeup Artist  Gabby Webb , Models Alice Axnick & Madeleine Russell   xx