Scienceworks and The Pumping Station -Wedding Reception / Ceremony

I have been lucky enough to have captured a few weddings in this fantastic venue. Science works , featuring both the more modern Science Museum area , as well as the old, more industrial Pumping station as potential ceremony and reception locations. Get married amongst the exhibits in the museum, in the courtyard between iconic Pumping Station towers, or hold your wedding ceremony or reception in the darker industrial locations inside the Pumping Station itself, such as the Engine room, or the Boiler room.

One of the Wedding ceremony locations I am familiar with, The Coal Bunker is normally used as part of a tour of the Pumping Station, and is completely without natural light, featuring one long and narrow ramp that snakes its way down the 3 - 4 storey interior of this cave like, but wonderfully industrial space. Visually amazing, it is a challenging space to work in as a photographer, but the results are wonderful. The Boiler room is my favourite space here for a reception, and although it seems huge and cavernous, the red brick teamed with candlelight, and dressed to the nines by the staff, work together to create a wonderfully cosy and unforgettable space.

Scienceworks - Wedding Ceremony and Recpetion